Do you currently have stock available?

Yes! Everything you see on our website is in-stock and ready to be shipped the same day if the order is placed before 2pm PST.

How long does delivery take?

We guarantee preparing your order and getting it shipped out within 24-38 hrs after receiving purchase. All orders are sent via Canada Post Expedited service. Typically at this time during COVID-19 it takes 2-8 business days for delivery. However, we hear tremendous feedback and delivery standards are getting faster then advised.

Does Alpha Hand rub Sanitizer meet Health Canada Approvals and requirements for safety, effectiveness and quality?

Alpha Hand Rub Sanitizer” meets Health Canada’s requirements for safety, effectiveness and quality. Our product is Health Canada approved and licenced. This Licence or Natural Product Number (NPN) is issued through the Natural and Non-prescription Health Products Directorate (NNHPD), a division of Health Canada and is only given to Manufacturers whose products are in Compliance of the Natural Health Products Regulations (NHPR). This attestation acknowledges that the Licence holder meets the requirements set out through Health Canada and its Health Products Directorate (NNHPD).

Where is Alpha Hand Rub manufactured?

Alpha hand rub is manufactured under the Green Chemistry division of Alpha Cleantech Labs Inc, which is a privately held manufacturer, that specialises amongst another things in hand hygiene and soon to be released all Natural, Hair care and skin care and body care products. Alpha Cleantech Labs are based out of Langley in beautiful British Columbia, Canada.

Where do you ship from?

We ship out of our warehouse in Richmond, British Columbia, Canada.

Is Alpha Hand Rub safe?

Yes. Alpha Hand Rub is safe and effective when used as directed. Ethyl alcohol, the active ingredient, has been used safely for decades and recommended by the World Health Organisation (WHO) as being one of the most effective and safe antimicrobial ingredients known.

What made you produce Alpha Hand Rub and is it harmful?

We made Alpha Hand Rub to help people have immediate access to a product that is convenient and with them at all times, especially when one cannot get to a sink to wash their hands or with free accessibility to public places that do not provide some sort of hand based solutions to help stop the spreading of bacteria. There is no proof that alcohol-based hand rubs or sanitizers are harmful.

What are some of the ingredients used in Alpha Hand Rub?

Ethyl alcohol v/v (75%) is the major active ingredient and works as an antiseptic. Other inactive ingredients include glycerol, hydrogen peroxide and distilled water. No gel, color or fragrance is used - adhering to the recommendation of the World Health Organisation.

How often should I use Alpha Hand Rub?

There is no set rule, however a good rule of thumb is to sanitize your hands frequently, as and when needed and whenever you do not have access to soap and water to wash your hands or other easily accessible sanitizing methods. Before and after meals, after using public transport, after grocery shopping, before visiting toilets, after being exposed to elevators, doors etc. will certainly help. Proper hand hygiene avoids the spread of harmful bacteria and viruses that may cause sickness.

Can you use too much hand Rub or sanitizer?

Using too much alcohol-based products or over-washing of hands too frequently can cause hands to dry out, crack and bleed, which will allow germs to enter the body.

In what sizes do you offer your Alpha hand Rub?

Currently we offer our Alpha hand Rub in a 60ml spray and 500ml bottle. We have found that this is the most convenient to carry in your pocket or purse and is therefore not bulky with too many restrictions and meets travel standards.

What are the directions to most effectively use Alpha Hand Rub?

Spray a palmful of Alpha Hand Rub and cover all surfaces of the hands and watch the effectiveness, as the hand rub instantly kills germs on contact and then evaporates in your hands. Gently rub your hands until dry. No rinsing or towels needed. Repeat if necessary and can be sprayed on hard surfaces.

What First Aid measures are required in case of contact with eyes?

In case of contact with eyes, rinse thoroughly with plenty of water for 10-15 mins. If swallowed, drink plenty of water and consult a physician immediately.